Community Psychoanalysis Concentration (CPC)

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We are delighted to offer this new initiative at BPSI! Many years of member interest and input from multiple BPSI groups around generating more connections between community and psychoanalysis led to the idea and creation of the Community Psychoanalysis Concentration (CPC) in 2022.

What can we create as a field if we, a community of psychoanalysts, embrace engagement with other communities and let ourselves interdepend and spend time together intentionally? At BPSI, we want to begin to answer this vital question and discover what can develop.

Each year, the program brings six members of the BPSI community together with six individuals from outside communities interested in intersections with psychoanalysis. Community participants of the CPC are invited into our community by extending them a BPSI Community Partner membership. The CPC cohorts think and learn together and shape their own program through peer mentorship, Balint-style case consultations, and article and topic discussion groups with visiting faculty from BPSI and beyond. Each cohort is invited to work together for three years, with the third year offering an opportunity to conduct an individual or group project of any kind, inspired by the CPC experience.

To learn more about the program, please go to our webpage, and feel free to contact Paola ( or Jany ( if you have any questions. We look forward to building new relationships and initiating new dialogues with this project.

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